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Ever since my childhood, I have been very interested in computers, especially PC gaming. It all started with the small DOS based games like Prince of Persia and Dave. I still remember beating all the levels in dave again and again. I wish I could get my hands on those games again. That's how my love for computer gaming began. Over the years, I have played several games. I have seen these games develop and the graphics, visual effects and artificial intelligence has improved dramatically.

But my real gaming started only after getting admission into IIIT. First time when I saw my seniors play counter strike, I was amazed. It was so great watching all of them play together, shouting at each other, killing each other (in game of course :P). I was dying to play it. I started playing with a long name which eventually shortened down to (J5. I was enjoying every moment of it. The team work, the strategy and the thrill. We used to play whole day and night.

Meanwhile, my interest into Age of Empires 2: The Conquerers also developed into addiction. It was again thanks to the seniors, specially, Red Bull, Sa61e and SEXYSUNNY. I enjoyed watching their games and hoped that I would play like them one day. :) I was among the first few who started playing AOE in my batch, the others being Sapan, Varun and Arun. I enjoyed playing AOE and CS a lot. We played a lot with each other and with the seniors and super seniors. I still remember the game that I and Sapan played against LunePredator and Vivek Sir. We had no idea how good they were at age and thus started playing a 2 on 2 match with them. And as it always happens in matches between seniors and juniors, we were brutally destroyed :(. That's how our journey began with AOE and we gradually improved and started giving good fight to our seniors :D.

Enough about AOE. I also enjoyed playing FIFA. My interest for FIFA had begun long before I had joined the college. But after joining IIITA, it grew much larger. I enjoyed playing it on LAN with my colleagues. I participated in the tournament that seniors organized as well as our batch tournament and enjoyed every single match. Gaming has always been my passion and will remain for a long time. PC gaming is a great experience and I believe that it is something that everybody should try to do at least once. :D

Published 1 Dec 2010

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