Joining Sun Family

This story begins with a mail from our Dean Student Affairs, Prof. G.C. Nandi. I was told to send my resume to him. At that time, I was unaware about what it was for. Later, I came to know that it was for the post of Sun Campus Ambassador for my campus. I was very excited about it. But at the same time, I was worried. It was the first interview that I was going to face. They had scheduled a telephonic interview for me with a Sun Engineer. I was in my third semester then and didn't know much about interviews. I had no idea about what it was going to be like.

So, in complete ignorance, I waited for the day of interview. She started the interview with some general questions and then slowly came towards technical questions. It was a nice experience which lasted for about 30 minutes. After a few days, I received a call telling that I had been selected as the Sun Campus Ambassador. I was very excited. I had never dreamed that I would be promoting Sun Microsystems in my campus. With this began my wonderful journey as a Sun Campus Ambassador. :)

After a few days, I received a letter from Sun Microsystems about my responsibilities and my salary ;). This was how I became a part of the Sun Microsystems family. I began by organizing a few presentations about Sun products. I was amazed at the wonderful responses of my colleagues. I also arranged a special screening of Glassfish Webinar organized by Sun. Motivated with the success, I along with my roommate Sapan, organized a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Quiz. It attracted a lot of students. Our complete B2k7 batch and most of my seniors and juniors participated in the quiz. All the prizes, including 6 pen drives for the top 3 teams and various other goodies were sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

I enjoyed every moment as a Sun Campus Ambassador. After the merger of Sun and Oracle, I acquired the role of OSUM Affiliate Leader for my campus as a part of which I promoted various Sun and other Free and Open Source Softwares. We also arranged another FOSS quiz which was also very successful.

Published 29 Nov 2010

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