Why am I in a dark box? Lynn remembered being drunk. She and Rox were partying hard. Their play had gone so well. It was a great story too. A story of power, greed and corruption. A story of how Rae, The Dark Lord, rose to godhood with treachery and lies. Born in a time of anarchy, a time when killing had no meaning, life had no value, a time when there was no religion. Rae was the saviour, a messiah, but not every hero’s path is devoid of Blood. He brought order to the people, no matter how dire the ways.

What did I do yesterday? I knew we should have stopped after Rox got sick. Damn, we were driving fast. Oh no, we were in an accident. And… blood.

Rox had died on the spot. Lynn had seen her best friend bleed to her death before collapsing herself.

I need to get out of here. They might have saved Rox.

“Hello… Someone please help. Help me!”, Lynn shouting now. The box was dark and small and somehow had enough oxygen that she hadn’t run out of breath yet.

“Hey, hey. Hold up. Praise Rae, you are finally up. ” A heavy voice from outside. Light started creeping in as the box gradually opened. Lynn instinctively closed her eyes from the blinding brightness. Everything went red with the light refracting through her eye lashes.

Where am I? She hadn’t seen a room this white before. White walls, white ceilings, white machines. Even the only other person in the room was wearing white.

“Welcome back. You are in the Northwestern Medical center. You were put to sleep in 2018 after a car accident. We operated on you yesterday. By Rae’s mercy, you are as good as new now.” said the person, as if reading her mind.

“You put me to sleep in 2018? What is that supposed to mean? What… year is this? ”

“Don’t worry, it’s all right. We have been reviving the old people this week. You were put to cryogenic sleep because we didn’t have the technology then. And then… And then… Ah well, you will see soon enough. Someone will be with you soon to explain everything.”

The world had changed in the last century. There was apparently a new religion; A dark(er) religion. One that had it’s origins even further back than any other known religion. This was what made it the most appealing. Apart from the fact that it didn’t shy away from advising to do what was necessary. This religion had one God, Rae, the Dark Lord. Some even called him the Fallen Angel and the Creator of Creators, but from where these names have come from, Lynn had no idea.

It all sounded so familiar to her. Most of it was eerily familiar, in fact, because she was the one to write it. She and Rox. Oh, how helpless Rox was, dying in a pool of her own blood. And Lynn did nothing, could do nothing but watch. She remembered being injured, her head bleeding a river of it’s own. And yet, here she was, practically unscratched in a world so similar, yet completely different.

This was all secondary though. There was something else, something about this new religion that didn’t sound right to her. She had seen huge temples on the way to the shelter, all dedicated to Rae. And the appearance of the mammoth statues on the top. She had described them before, seen them before. Somehow, the religion that she had made, a religion that she invented, was now the epicenter of everything.

This is my first attempt at fiction. I would be happy to hear your comments and feedback on this.

And do let me know if you want to hear this story further.

Published 18 Aug 2018

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