Step by step tutorial for your first Symbian Application

Welcome. This post will guide you about C++ programming for the Series 60 v5 platform, based on the Symbian Operating System. I wrote these tutorial along with my colleague Sapan, when we were doing summer internship at IIIT- Hyderabad. We built a simple application named "Yellow Page Application" under guidance of Dr. Rohit Agarwal. The term Yellow Pages refers to a telephone directory of businesses, categorized according to the product or service provided. This application does the work of displaying this information to the user on the go using just his mobile phone. In this way, he can get the information about the business he is looking for in a particular city.This application lists major businesses (Banks, Clinics and Doctors etc.) in 4 major cities of India.

We have divided this tutorial in 5 parts which will guide you How to build a basic Symbian application from scratch. Before going further I suggest you to get familiarize yourself with the application first and read this.

Tutorial Start Page : This part will describe about prerequisite setup needed for building any Symbian Application.

Tutorial 1: This part will tell you about 4 necessary classes that you must define in order to build Symbian Application.

Tutorial 2: This part will show you how to build a dialog box in Symbian Operating System.

Tutorial 3: This part creates forms and provides support for your application.

Tutorial 4: This part focuses on all the code that is required to build this application.

In each part I have provided a link to download source code also.

This tutorials took a long time so if you find any error in this tutorial please feel free to give your suggestions.

Published 24 May 2011

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