A summer with Fluid and Google!

With the end of Google Summer of Code 2011, I finished my summer with a great experience. I got the opportunity to interact with some of the best developers in the field of open source and got to learn a lot about web development, open source software and project management as I finished developing a new component, Image Editor for the fluid framework. One of the most important things that I learned while working with them was the importance of building tests. To explain more about it, I would be writing a blog post soon about jqunit soon. You can have a look at an online demo for the component here.

Looks cool? Integrating it into your own webpage is really easy. Checkout the tutorial and docs. With the Image Editor component you get two more components, the TaggerUI and CropperUI. But nothing stops you from exploring more about these separately. In fact, these components come prepared to be used individually for your website. For more details about all the component tutorials and API docs related to Image Editor, Tagger and Cropper, visit the fluid wiki. For the web developers out there, have a look at the code of the components on github.

In addition to the components that I created, the fluid community has a lot to offer. I enjoyed working with them and now enjoy using the fluid components. For a detailed demo of all the fluid components, visit the fluid demonstration portal.

Overall, it was one of the best summers that I could have had. I hope to work with Fluid and Google again.

Published 6 Nov 2011

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